Deuce Martinez
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Martin "Deuce" Martinez is one of the main characters on Shake It Up. He is a con-man (as stated by Dina). He attends John Hughes High. Deuce has connections to everything (as seen in Add It Up). He's currently in a relationship with Dina Garcia (see Deucina). He is portrayed by Adam Irigoyen.


  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Trademark: Eyebrows, Headphones, Leather Jackets


  • "Whoa! What's CeCe doing on TV?"
  • Deuce: "Can you believe that? Scared of a little roach. Is there something on my shoulder? 'Cause I'm not scared of a roach. I'm not. I am not. Go ahead and tell me it's a roach right now." Rocky: "It's the roach." Deuce: (screams).
  • "Really? You didn't seem to have a problem with the concept when you're doing it to us."


  • Deuce knows lots of people, such as a crime scene cleanup crew, a horse whisperer, college level tutors, etc.
  • He has been dating Dina for a year now.
  • Deuce is part of the most popular relationships on the series.
  • He wears leather jackets and headphones in almost every episode.
  • Deuce is usually seen babysitting Flynn, whom he's good friends with.
  • Deuce is the only main character who's had a relationship last more than an episode. (See: Deucina)
  • Deuce has been in 2 relationships over the series, with Dina and Savannah.
  • A recurring gag is that he has a lot of relatives, all of which have a job relevant to any problem or event that the episode has. (Throw It Up)
  • Despite being called a con man by Dina, Deuce is acually a spiv.