Runther Similar Couples

Freddie/Sam (iCarly)Edit

  • Freddie (Rocky) is studious and smart
  • Sam (Gunther) is often rude to others
  • Sam is blonde (Gunther) and Freddie is a brunette (Rocky)
  • Sam (Gunther) is very outgoing and fun, and often likes to tease Freddie (Rocky)
  • Sam and Freddie tease each other playfully like Rocky and Gunther.

Tori/Robbie (VicTORIous)Edit

  • Tori (Rocky) is a sweet brunette.
  • Robbie (Gunther) is unpopular.
  • Robbie (Gunther) is in love with Cat (Cece).
  • A lot of people, mainly the Cabbie (Gece) fans, think this won't happen because they don't interact as much as Cabbie (Gece) do.
  • Robbie (Gunther) often annoys people .

Beck/Jade (VicTORIous)Edit

  • Jade (Gunther) is mean and likes to tease people
  • Beck (Rocky) is the nice, calm and gentle one
  • Bade is one of the most popular pairings on Victorious, much like Runther.
  • Runther (Rocky/Gunther) and Gece (Gunther/Cece) are main rivals, like Bade (Beck/Jade) and Bori (Beck/Tori).

Drake/Mindy (Drake and Josh)Edit

  • Mindy (Gunther) often teases Drake (Rocky)
  • Drake (Rocky) is shown to be a singer
  • Mindy (Gunther) is rich
  • Drake (Rocky)has had lot of crushes

'Gabe/Jo '(Good Luck Charlie)Edit

  • Jo (Gunther) and Gabe (Rocky) constantly fight
  • Jo (Gunther) probably shows her affection for Gabe (Rocky) by teasing

Miley/Jake (Hannah Montana)Edit

  • Miley and Jake bicker a lot, much like Rocky and Gunther
  • Jake can be a little nerdy sometimes, like Rocky

Chad/Sonny (Sonny With A Chance)Edit

  • They constantly make fun of each other, much like Rocky and Gunther
  • Chad is obnoxious and blonde (Gunther)
  • Sonny (Rocky) is a sweet brunette, who knows how to handle Chad (Gunther) sometimes

Justin/Alex (Wizards of Waverly Place)Edit

  • Justin is studious and responsible like Rocky
  • Alex can be mean sometimes, but she can also be nice, like Gunther
  • Justin is constantly making sure he does well in class (At the layer or at school) and is smart just like Rocky.

Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter)Edit

  • Hermione (Rocky) is very smart
  • Hermione and Ron constantly bicker, like Rocky and Gunther
  • They fight a lot, but care about each other
  • Ron/Hermione and Rocky/Gunther are always flirting, in other words bickering
  • Like with Runther and GeCe there are big arguments between the Romione (Ron/Hermione) fans with the Dramione (Draco/Hermione) fans.
  • Dramione (GeCe) is Romione's (Runther's) main rival, and is the most popular couple in the series.

Ryan/Gabriella (High School Musical)Edit

  • Ryan (Gunther) is white, and Gabriella (Rocky) is black
  • Gabriella (Rocky) is nice while Ryan (Gunther) is mean
  • They are opposites

Raven/Beast Boy (Teen Titans)Edit

  • Raven (Gunther) often mocks Beast Boy (Rocky)
  • Raven (Gunther) and Beast Boy (Rocky) are polar opposites
  • Beast Boy (Rocky) often gets irritated by Raven (Gunther)
  • Raven (Gunther) does indeed care about Beast Boy (Rocky)
  • Beast Boy (Rocky) and Raven (Gunther) do get along sometimes

Echo/Derby (Mr.Young)Edit

  • Echo (Rocky) is intelligent.
  • Derby (Gunther) isn't very smart.
  • Echo (Rocky) and Derby (Gunther) do annoy eachother but the get along sometimes.
  • Derby (Gunther) is unpopular.
  • Echo (Rocky) is sweet and caring brunette.
  • Derby (Gunther) is the funny character.

Tynka Similar CouplesEdit

Freddie/Sam (iCarly)Edit

  • They are both opposites, like Sam and Freddie
  • Tinka (Sam) is Blonde.
  • Ty (Freddie) has brown hair.
  • They went on a date once.
  • Tinka (Sam) can be rude to people.
  • Like Sam, Tinka has been depicted as being strong, or making others fear her.

Andre/Jade (VicTORIous)Edit

  • Jade(Tinka) is mean and likes to tease people.
  • Jade (Tinka) teases others, but hardly Andre (Ty).
  • Andre(Ty) has had many girlfriends throughout the series.
  • Andre(Ty) has had some interest in Jade (Tinka).
  • This is one of the most supported couples on the show.

Zack/Maya (Suite Life On Deck)Edit

  • Zack have had many relationships during the show, who only lasted for one episode like Ty, but in the 3rd season he realized that he loves Maya. In season 3 Ty may realize that he loves Tinka.

Zeke/Sharpay (High School Musical)Edit

  • They are opposites.
  • Sharpay is mean and loves fashion, like Tinka.
  • Zeke is calm and popular, like Ty.
  • Tinka (Sharpay) is Blonde.
  • Zeke (Ty) has brown hair.
  • Tinka (Sharpay) is rich.
  • Zeke has interest in Sharpay.

Robin/Starfire (Teen Titans)Edit

  • Robin (Ty) has strong feelings for Starfire (Tinka)
  • Starfire (Tinka) can be quite awkward
  • Robin (Ty) can be toned and playful
  • Starfire (Tinka) often confuses others
  • Robin (Ty) cares about others
  • Starfire (Tinka) originally didn't have any friends
  • Robin (Ty) can be stubborn
  • Starfire (Tinka) cares about Robin (Ty)

Fletcher/Olive (A.N.T Farm)Edit

  • The are opposites.

DeCe Similar CouplesEdit

Freddie/Sam (iCarly)Edit

  • Freddie (Deuce) seems to be very good at technology and cameras
  • Freddie (Deuce) has dark brown hair
  • Freddie (Deuce) and Sam (CeCe) has been longtime friends
  • Sam (CeCe) loves to tease Freddie (Deuce).

Adam/Ivy (Mr.Young)Edit

  • Adam (Deuce) is smart.
  • Ivy (CeCe) can be airheaded.
  • Adam (Deuce) and Ivy (CeCe) do care about eachother
  • Ivy (CeCe) often teases Adam (Deuce).
  • Adam (Deuce) is the boyfriend of Echo (Dina).
  • Ivy (CeCe) is often self-absorbed.

Raven/Beast Boy (Teen Titans)Edit

  • Raven (Deuce) can be quite sneaky
  • Beast Boy (CeCe) is quite outgoing
  • Raven (Deuce) does indeed care about Beast Boy (CeCe)
  • Beast Boy (CeCe) and Raven (Deuce) do get along sometimes

Jacob/Bella (The Twilight Saga)Edit

  • Bella (Cece) and Jacob (Deuce) has been friends for a long time
  • Jacob (Deuce) is there for Bella (Cece) when she's in need

Lilly/Oliver (Hannah Montana)Edit

  • Lilly (Cece) sometimes makes fun of Oliver (Deuce) and calls him names
  • Both Lilly (Cece) and Oliver (Deuce) are best friends with Miley (Rocky)
  • Lilly (Cece) and Oliver (Deuce) are also good friends with Miley's (Rocky's) big brother Jackson (Ty)