A Hashtag made by @RTDSyndrome. Here are a list of "#ShitRunthiansDo":

  1. ShitRunthiansDo Rocky and Gunther look at each other for 0.29473 seconds, fangirls for a week
  2. ShitRunthiansDo Has a moment with Gary Wilde in Start It Up, Makes Gary Memes of Runther
  3. ShitRunthiansDo Show has a GeCe moment, makes it into a Runther moment.
  4. ShitRunthiansDo SIU has a whole group pic, cuts everyone out except for Z & Kenton and fangirls for a month
  5. ShitRunthiansDo GeCe makes a "GTR Team", starts a riot
  6. ShitRunthiansDo Comments on Runther Page everyday, becomes the most commented page on the Wikia
  7. ShitRunthiansDo Isn't on to check the Runther page, misses 273 photos, 18314 comments, and 29472 new stories and chapters
  8. ShitRunthiansDo GeCers think they're better than us, starts Awards, Twitter, and Tumblr JUST for Runther.
  9. ShitRunthiansDo Reads a GeCe FF to see how awful it is, throws up midway.
  10. ShitRunthiansDo Tweets @RBrandonJohnson saying he's the Runther boss, Fangirls with Caps Lock after confirming he is
  11. ShitRunthiansDo Listens to every love song, reminds them of Runther
  12. ShitRunthiansDo Sees a SIU Dance, secretly hopes Gunther can dance with Rocky for a split second
  13. ShitRunthiansDo Watch a Runther music video, That song will forever remind them of Runther.
  14. ShitRunthiansDo One person won't be online for a week, acts like someone died.
  15. ShitRunthiansDo Act all sweet and comment on the GeCe page saying nice stuff about the ship, then trash it the moment they get on Twitter/Runther page.
  16. ShitRunthiansDo No one comments on the DeCe page, brings thoughts/pics of DeCe on the Runther page.
  17. ShitRunthiansDo Secretly 'investigate' the GeCe wiki and trash everything on it (in our minds)
  18. ShitRunthiansDo rant about how the GTR shippers copy our ideas.
  19. ShitRunthiansDo Act all nice to GTR saying "were all friends here.Its okay if you ship GTR." just because we're not allowed to 'ship war'.
  20. ShitRunthiansDo picks cupcakes over cookies any day.
  21. ShitRunnthiansDo Spreads all the RTD Goodness all over the internet, converts bunches of people.

(If you think of anymore, please add it.)